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Tara is know as Sailor Bratzilla or THE Kitty Queen, MEOW! She found Sailor Moon in the late 90’s, and was her escape from the real world. She started collecting a few things here and there, but in 2005 started collecting the goods! Now has a room full, ongoing rearragning never ends. Sailor Moon helped her find the best of friends, the TRIO, which you see here (and of course the MoonFam). She started helping Ochi with the FB page almost a year ago, which came naturally since she was doing a tiny bit of it here and there. You’ll find her side by side with Och blogging away. She is super excited that the TRIO will all be blogging together now! Dream come true!

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Ochi’s real name is Brooke, but everyone knows her as “Ochibawolf” online so she’s ok if you call her Ochi. She grew up watching Sailor Moon, and in 2006 decided Sailor Moon was always going to be a huge part of her life. This was the turning point where she began collecting Sailor Moon goods and now has an entire room dedicated to her collection. Today she is a brand ambassador for Hot Topic & BoxLunch and also does toy reviews on her YouTube Channel. She believes carrot cake to be the best dessert in the world and you can’t change her mind.

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Cyn is a Mexican-American dancing graphic designer cat lady who’s been a Sailor Moon toy collector since the 90s, mostly focused on Japanese vintage goodies and hard to find or limited items. Cyn has been a part of the fandom for many years, reporting on related news, events and merch since 2008 on her (now shut down) Sailor Moon Obsession blog. Nowadays she is still active on her Twitter and her Instagram account and travels around the globe following Sailor Moon happenings!

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