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This is your complete, CURRENT, English Sailor Moon Manga Guide!

Today, there are 3 different sets of Sailor Moon manga in print in English. Each set is different than the other in terms of translation, size, and style. We hope you can use this guide to decide which set to collect for yourself.

Here is a video review of all of the current manga releases by our team member, Ochi.

(Codename: Sailor V guide coming soon)


2011 Reprint Manga

These editions are the oldest of the 3, that began releasing in 2011. The complete set contains 12 volumes + 2 short stories volumes. This is the only release that has the short stories in their own volumes. These are becoming harder to find and we believe Kodansha is phasing these out.

Fun fact: The Sailor Moon community nick named these as “reprint manga” due to these were a reprint of the original manga in Japan called shinsoban.

Click here to learn more about the 2011 manga and where to buy.

2018 Eternal Editions

These volumes are the ultimate Sailor Moon manga experience!

These feature a different style of translation than the 2011 reprint editions, and are the largest format of the 3, with all glossy pages. They also have the most colored pages of all the in print English Sailor Moon manga. The covers are glittery too!

There are 10 volumes total, and for this release, the short stories are imbedded into each one as they were first released in Japan. These were based on the kanzenban release in Japan.

Click here to learn more about the Eternal Editions and where to buy.

2022 Naoko Takeuchi Collection

These editions are the latest Sailor Moon manga in English! A new edition for a new generation of fans!

Featuring the same translation* (with some changes) & page count as the Eternal Editions these are a more affordable, portable edition. Think smaller paperback with less color pages. These are the smallest release of the 3 and are based on the bunko release in Japan.

Click here to learn more about the Naoko Takeuchi Collection and where to buy.

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