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✦ What is Pretty Guardians?

Pretty Guardians is the official Sailor Moon Fan Club that began in 2016.
It’s a yearly, paid, membership that has special perks like access to events, special goods, freebies & more.
Pretty Guardians accepts new members every year during a 2-3 month window around April, typically closing around Usagi’s birthday on June 30th. (sometimes they extend it.)

Each new membership includes
✦ Membership Card
✦ Membership gift item
✦ Continuing members receive one extra gift item
✦ Regardless of their entry date, Prism Stars members (3 years) who have continued for 3 years & Crystal Stars members(5 years) who have continued for 5 years could get a special pin badge
✦ Access to special events and exclusive merchandise*
* The Japan version and Overseas version varies by what events and merchandise are available.

Click here to see an archive of what previous years have received!

✦ How to Join:
Is Pretty Guardians accepting new members now?

Yes! Until June 30th, 2024.
Go to our blog post for all the details on how to join today.

There are two versions of Pretty Guardians
that have key differences in perks and accessibility.
The Japanese version for Japan and the Overseas version for all other countries.

Japanese 2021

Japanese Version

This version is only for fans that live in Japan.
Fans not in Japan can sign up for this version through a proxy if they want.

✦ Physical newsletters
✦ Presales for musicals & special events
✦ Fan Club exclusive merchandise available here first
✦ Access to select merchandise from the Sailor Moon Store & P-Bandai
✦ Oshioki Radio – Kotono Mitsuishi’s (Japanese voice of Usagi/Sailor Moon) podcast
✦ Exclusive video content
✦ Free downloadable content, such as wallpapers

Overseas 2021

Overseas Version

This version is for all others not in Japan.

✦ Digital newsletters
✦ Occasional access to musicals & special events
✦ Only certain Japanese Fan Club merchandise will be available at a later date
✦ No access (yet) to Sailor Moon Store/P-Bandai merchandise
✦ Overseas has access to Oshioki Radio but it is in raw Japanese with no subtitles
✦ Exclusive video content in raw Japanese, no subtitles
✦ Free downloadable content, such as wallpapers

✦ More Info?

SMFN Team Member, Brooke, made two helpful videos on what she thinks about Pretty Guardians.

✦ Part 1 covers the basics and how to join Pretty Guardians for Overseas (when memberships are open).

✦ Part 2 covers the good and bad.