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Sailor Moon things to do around the World

We are always on the lookout for interesting Sailor Moon finds, and with the anime being a global hit, there’s hidden Moonie treasures to be discovered around the world. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot, but we will continuously hunt down and document as many was we can. If you decide to check out some of these places, please do your research or call the venue before visiting as the items may have been removed.

– Permanent Locations –

We use the words “permanent” very loosely here because none of these attractions are guaranteed to remain forever but don’t have an end date either. They have existed at their respective locations for at least a few years, but they could sell or swap out the displays at any point.


Google Maps location

Torino (Italy).
This is a toy, movie and anime memorabilia museum in Torino. It exhibits collectibles from franchises like Star Wars, Alien, etc. The garden outside has a few weathered steel statues, including a Sailor Moon one.

Funko HQ Store

Google Maps location

Everett, WA (USA).
Funko is well known in the collector community, but not everyone is aware they have a huge Sailor Moon Funko Pop figure at their HQ showroom!

Showa City Club

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Tong Mi (Hong Kong).
This is a retro shop that specializes old school LP records, and collectibles from the Showa era. A large (not for sale) Sailor Moon figure is displayed here.

Haenggung-dong Biwon

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Suwon (South Korea).
Haenggung-dong Biwon is a small pop culture themed speakeasy bar and restaurant. The entrance is hidden as a Sailor Moon vending machine and there’s movie, sports and anime decor inside.

Haenggung-dong Biwon official Instagram

Entire Google Map of permanent international locations here

– Temporary Locations –

This section includes International pop-up shops, cafes, merch collaborations, and exhibits that can be found around the world on a temporary basis, so check the linked posts to confirm the dates.

Toei Animation Exhibition

Place: Taichung, Taiwan.
Dates: Nov. 11 – Dec. 12, 2023.
See details on our post HERE.

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First published Jan 2024.
Last updated: 1/18/2024.