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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cooking Timer

Material: ABS, PVC

Battery: DC 3.0V (CR2032 x 1)

Battery Life: Approximately 1 Year

Dimension: 41mm x 101mm x 127mm ( 1.6 x 3.9 x 5 in)

Weight: 100g

  • Product Features
    • Count down function.
    • Count up function.
    • Clock function.
    • Stick the cooking timer on any flat magnetic / metal surface such as fridge.
    • Put the cooking timer on the flat surface such as the desktop.
    • Stylish design and easy to operate.

  • Instructions

    Switch to Clock / Cooking Timer:
    Press and hold ‘’Start/Stop’’ to switch to clock / cooking timer. 
    Cooking Timer – Count Down: Press ‘’M’’ to set the minute and press ‘’S’’ to set the second.Press ‘’Start/Stop’’ to start count down / stop. 
    Cooking Timer – Count Up:
    Press ‘’Start/Stop’’ to start count up / stop. 
    Cooking Timer – Reset:
    Press ‘’M’’ and ‘’S’’ in the same time. 
    Clock – Set time:
    Press ‘’M’’ to change to 12-hour clock / 24-hour clock.Press and hold ‘’M’’ to set the hour and press ‘’S’’ to set the minute.Press ‘’Start/Stop’’ to confirm. 
    Mute / Unmute: Press and hold ‘’S’’ to mute / unmute at the clock mode.

Price: $399 HKD each
(about $51 USD)

Release Date: December 2021

These are sold through Kawaii Gadget. They only ship to Hong Kong and Macau. Price includes shipping to these residents.

For fans outside of Hong Kong who wish to buy these, you will need to use a Proxy in the Hong Kong area.

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