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Sailor Moon Cosmos: Kitchen Origin & Origin Bento Collaboration


A new collaboration between Sailor Moon Cosmos x bento and side dish specialty stores “Kitchen Origin” and “Origin Bento” will be launched in Japan next February. Starting Thursday, February 2nd, customers who purchase 1,000 yen or more in products at “Kitchen Origin” and “Origin Bento” will receive an original character sticker!

Part 1: February 2nd – February 11th.

Part 2: February 12th – February 21st.

Part 3: February 22nd – March 1st.

Please present the receipt with 1,000 yen or more purchased to the staff. The receipt is valid only on the day of at the store you visit.
You can’t choose the type of sticker.
Until supplies last.

Source: Sailor Moon Official and Sailor Moon Cosmos site

Shopping Guide

In order to get these, you have to live in Japan. If you don’t live in Japan and want to purchase them, you’ll most likely need a proxy to buy or bid on. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market.

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