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Sailor Moon Crystal: Taiwan iCash 2.0 x Sailor Collaboration

Taiwan iCash 2.0 x Sailor Moon Crystal Collaboration

There is a new Sailor Moon Crystal series x iCash 2.0 collaboration! These are leather spray bottle leather covers featuring Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Sailor Mars/Rei Hino, Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino and Sailor Venus/Minako Aino. These items will only be available at 7-11 stores in Taiwan as well as the Taiwanese 7-11 Online store. Limited quantities. Until supplies last.

Release date: September 19, 2023

✦ Price: $350 New Taiwan dollars

Source: iCash Taiwan official site

Shopping Guide

These are only sold in Taiwan. You will need to use a Proxy that can buy and ship from Taiwan.
See our Proxy Guide for more information.

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