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Sailor Moon Eternal: Netflix TUDUM online event review

Netflix acquired the exclusive rights to the Sailor Moon Eternal movies part one and part two late last year and they branded it as their own production. The movie was officially released on the platform this past June 3rd, landing in the Top 10 releases for that weekend in a handful of countries (not the U.S. though, sadly).

Along with the announcement came the huge surprise that not only were they releasing both movies simultaneously worldwide, but also they would be dubbing them in many different languages making sure to hire either the original voice actors or the official current cast of each region. It’s very commendable that Netflix sought out to keep their version as close as possible to the work Viz and other companies have put into their dubs, as it keeps the consistency throughout the series and makes the experience cohesive in spite of the series being split onto different platforms. Keep in mind the entire dubbing process was done during the pandemic, so each actor from each country had to record in their own make-shift home studios and they put this together in only a few months.

The official Netflix and Netflix Geeked social media accounts began promoting TUDUM, their own online version of a Comic-Con type event, with everything you’d expect at a convention: Upcoming releases, panels, interviews, trailers and basically an event that celebrates all things nerdy! In their promotional material, they included mentions of Sailor Moon Eternal in spite of the movies have being released three months ago. Thankfully, Netflix decided Sailor Moon was big enough to grant us a small presentation during their anime segment!

The panel was hosted by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from the “Never Have I Ever” series and featured short interviews with a few of the actresses who lend their voice to Usagi Tsukino in the different dubs from around the world. The cast was as follows:

Kotono Mitsuishi Japan (Japanese)

Stephanie ShehU.S. (English)

Sabine BohlmannGermany (German)

Agatha PaulitaBrazil (Portuguese)

Lucrezia MarricchiItaly (Italian)

Adelaida LopezSpain (Spanish)

Patricia AcevedoMexico (Latin American Spanish)

The entire panel only lasted about 15 minutes and the actresses were asked about their experiences dubbing the character, specially for the women who have been Usagi’s voice since the 90’s (Kotono Mitsuishi, Sabine Bolhmann and Patricia Acevedo). It is important to many of us fans that the original or the official cast be respected and Netflix did an excellent job delivering a faithful adaptation where they could.

They also spoke about what fighting for Love and Justice means to them and how the series has been able to stay relevant after all these years. You can check out the entire panel on Netflix’s YouTube channel or click on the video below to watch right from where it begins.

Unfortunately for those waiting to hear announcements of any upcoming projects or the future of the franchise overall, there were no news or updates. Hopefully the success of the Sailor Moon Eternal movies will give all companies involved the confidence to produce an anime with the final arc of the manga, so don’t forget to watch part 1 and part 2 on Netflix!

Review by: Cyn

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