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Sailor Moon Stationary Goods Part 2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Stationery Goods part 2!

Product Details

・Die-cut masking tape (4 types): 495 yen each

・Set of 5 acrylic clips (3 types): 1,430 yen each

・ Acrylic smartphone stand (2 types): 1,980 yen each

・ Cable holder (2 types): 715 yen each

・BIC pastel fluorescent marker 6 color set: 1,584 yen

・Slim pen case (2 types): 1,980 yen each

・Boat-shaped pen case (2 types): 1,760 yen each

・Learning timer: 1,870 yen

Release Date: Late November, 2022

These will be released at character shops and major stationary stores nationwide in Japan!

There is also a part 1 for the Sailor Moon Stationary release! Check it out here!

Source: Sailor Moon Official

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase these items, you need to live in Japan. If you don’t live in Japan and want to get any of these items, you will need a proxy to buy. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market.

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