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Sailor Moon at Anime Expo 2022

Anime Expo is the largest anime con in the USA, with over 100,000 fans in attendance every year.

We expected Viz Media (Sailor Moon’s Anime license holder in the USA) and Kodansha Comics (Manga license) to plan events or panels for Sailor Moon’s big 30th anniversary year. Sadly, they did not.

Here’s what did happen for Sailor Moon.

Anime Expo
July 1-4, 2022
Los Angeles Convention Center

Viz Media had a large Sailor Moon image to take photos with!

Viz Media Free Posters

The Viz Media booth passed out dual sided Sailor Moon posters to fans who requested them as well as sold their brand new Sailor Moon Blu-Ray S1.

You can find these posters on the second hand market, such as eBay or Mercari if you’re looking to get one for yourself.

Viz Media Industry Panel Featuring Sailor Moon

The panel was live stremed here, starting at 3:20:00.
We were disappointed to say the least.

Panel description


SG5, short for Sailor Guardians 5, is the first ever music group officially in collaboration with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Mirroring the Inner Sailor Team, the group also has 5 members, KAEDE, SAYAKA, RUI, RURI, and MIYUU.

Their performance on July 3rd, at the AX Masquerade and The World Cosplay Summit USA Finals, held in Los Angeles, CA was a ticketed event during Anime Expo.

SG5 met with fans and signed autographs as well as collaborating with Good Smile Company to give out special stickers at their booth.

You can watch the entire performance here on YouTube.

SG5 Stickers from the Good Smile Booth

Special thank you to the Sailor Moon fans who attended to send us this information.

Credit for the Viz Media Sailor Moon sign & poster images goes to KawaiiSenshi.

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