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Gashapon’s third release of the popular mascot figures from Hugcot has been announced! The cable accessory “Hugcot” are cute mascot figures that hug cables in different poses. 

Product Details

The third lineup will have 7 figures in the lineup featuring Princess Serenity, Princess Jupiter, Princess Venus, Princess Uranus, Princess Neptune, Luna, and Artemis! Princess Serenity will be a pearl paint.

Release Date: June, 2022
Price: 300 yen each play

Source: Sailor Moon Official

CLICK HERE to read about the 2nd release of the Hugcots!

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase these items, usually you need to have a Japan address. If you don’t live in Japan and want to get any of these, you’ll most likely need a proxy to buy or bid on. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market. There are some Japanese online shops that will get these, and ship internationally! See below for update!

Currently available to preorder from Japan here:

Hobby Link Japan:
2,400 yen BUY HERE

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