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Ichiban Kuji: Sailor Moon Cosmos -Antique Style-

A new Ichiban Kuji prize lottery from the upcoming “Sailor Moon Cosmos” movie will be available in Japan next February, 2023. The theme of this lottery is the 10 Sailor Guardians dressed in vintage fashion.

Release date: February 4, 2023.
Price: 700 yen per draw.
Locations: Family Mart, Sailor Moon Store, Ichiban Lottery ONLINE.
Prizes available until supplies last
Image may differ from the actual product.

  Lotto Prize Lineup  

  A Prize: Usagi & Luna figure -Antique Style-. A figure of Usagi winking while petting Luna on an antique-style sofa.
 B Prize: Sailor Guardians Cushion – Antique Style. A soft cushion with an all new illustration of the 10 Guardians in vintage clothing.
 C Prize: Eternal Moon Article Accessory Tray. A cute compact tray for storing accessories.
 D Prize: Pouches
 E Prize: Key motif charms
 F Prize: Acrylic Stands
 G Prize: Hand towel collection
✦ LAST ONE prize: Usagi & Luna figure -Antique Style– figure in a pearl coating.

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