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This is your complete Sailor Moon Museum guide!

The Sailor Moon Museum was originally announced on the Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Special Program that streamed on YouTube on 4/28/22.

This Sailor Moon Museum features many original artworks on display, toys, games, a cafe, a shop with original goods, and more! Tickets became available to purchase beginning May 4th 2022.

Photos will be allowed in some areas and they state it takes about 45 to 60 minutes including using the shop, to view the entire exhibition.

✦ Dates Open: July 1, 2022 to Dec 30, 2022
Location: Roppongi Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
✦ Website (Buy tickets here): Sailor Moon Museum
✦ Instagram: Sailor Moon Museum

Ticket Prices

Sailor Moon Museum Limited Advance Ticket (Card)

An advanced movie ticket will be sold during “Part 1” and “Part 2” at the venue starting July 1, 2022. (You can also purchase at the FC member-only special pre-experience meeting held on June 30th).


✦ Original Illustrations/Manuscript Exhibition
Brand new illustrations by Sailor Moon’s creator, Naoko Takeuchi, will be featured in the museum. All original color drawings & raw manuscripts will be included in the largest scale exhibition in three decades! Take a ride through Sailor Moon’s past, starting from the first published volumes of the Nakayoshi magazine through different types of work such as, the musicals, live action, The Super Live, animation, & more.

✦ Immersive Experience Theater:
A large screen projector, 4.5 x 8 meters (or 14.7 x 26.2 feet), with added special effects using lasers, will create a beautiful world of color illustrations throughout this space. In addition, they will have prop replicas of the Sailor Guardian’s magical items, realistically reproduced for this exhibition.

✦ Hologram Manuscript Exhibition:
Famous scenes from the entire series, both the anime & manga, of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” will be exhibited all over the walls. This is a hologram exhibition, with new technology that will immerse you into the manuscripts. Viewing angles will differ offering a unique perspective on the series.

✦ Collection Exhibition:
This Sailor Moon museum will also have a collection of more than 600 items, the largest number ever on display. You can enjoy the history of the last 30 years, such as animation materials and storyboards of the series from the 90’s to Sailor Moon Crystal/Eternal, toys, game machines, and costumes actually used in the musicals!

✦ Rotating Original Art:
Original Naoko Takeuchi color illustrations are being displayed at the museum and will be changed three times in order to exhibit original artwork from all manga arcs:

Volume 1 – Dark Kingdom arc & Black Moon arc: July 1st – September 4th, 2022.
Volume 2 – Infinity Arc & Dream arc: September 10th – November 6th, 2022.
Volume 3 – Stars Arc: November 12th – December 30th, 2022.

More than 30 artwork pieces (including the original drawings of the final arc) and about 30 extra items (including a few never-before-seen artworks) that have been compiled from more than 20 years of Sailor Moon materials.

Exhibition additions
All past furoku items (extra gifts included in magazines) of that were gifted during the run of the Sailor Moon manga in the “Nakayoshi” magazine will be added to the current exhibition.
This is the first time all of these goods will be displayed at once ( more than 100 in total).

✦ Pretty Guardians Fan Club Members Special Experience
A special experience session at the museum for Japanese fan club members will be offered in the days before each artwork rotation. Details of these special experience events will be announced on the fan club site.

* To participate, you need to be a member of the Japanese Pretty Guardians Fan Club and purchase a ticket with a designated admission time.

Instagram Live
For the final volume of the exhibit (Vol. 3), an Instagram LIVE has been scheduled for next Friday, November 11th! During the “Live Evening Festival with Osabu” hosted by Fumio Osano, they will share a live tour around the museum and share some inside stories from his time working alongside Naoko Takeuchi!

-Date and time:
Friday, November 11, 2022, 20:00-20:30 (Japan time)

– How to watch:
You will be able to watch the live tour FOR FREE on the Instagram app. Be sure to follow the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum Official Instagram account.

Sailor Moon Museum Goods

Here are the goods that will be sold so far, prices in yen. This post will be updated when more goods are announced. Some goods will be available beginning Aug 1st, 2022 and some are made to order (example; Neon signs)

Click on an image to see it larger.

( Shopping info: since these are goods only sold in Japan, you’ll need to use a proxy service to obtain, or buy on the second hand market. )

Wave 1 of Museum exclusive goods
(Available at opening)

Wave 2 of Museum exclusive goods
(Available from August 1st)

Announced on 8/24/22
(Available from September 10th)

Announced on 10/28/22
(Available from November 2nd)

Additional Goods

The Sailor Moon Museum will have pre-orders and sales of the new original illustrations recently drawn by Naoko Takeuchi as beautiful high-definition art prints that faithfully reproduce the color tones and textures of the original art .

  • This product is a made-to-order. Delivery time depends on when its ordered.
  • Shipping fees are not included in the price of the art print.
  • The art prints will be available to members of both the Japanese and Overseas “Pretty Guardians” fan club starting August 1st. If you would like to become part of the fan club, read our post on how to join HERE.
  • Samples of the art prints will be exhibited at the “Sailor Moon Museum” shop from Monday, August 1st.

  Sailor Moon Museum – Replica A

A faithful reproduction of the new original Sailor Moon illustration drawn for this exhibition! They’re printed using 10 color inks to duplicate the original picture as closely as possible.
Frame size: H689 x W404 mm
Print size: H547 x W262 mm
Price: ¥55,000 yen plus shipping
Anyone can pre-order HERE (A Proxy is needed)
Pretty Guardians Fan Club members can buy directly HERE.

Sailor Moon Museum – Replica B

A faithful reproduction of the new original illustration of the 10 Sailor Guardians drawn for this exhibition! They’re printed using 10 color inks to duplicate the original picture as closely as possible.
Frame size: H443 x W558mm
Print size: H180 x W380mm
Price: ¥39,600 yen plus shipping
Anyone can pre-order HERE (A Proxy is needed)
Pretty Guardians Fan Club members can buy directly HERE

Sailor Moon Museum – Replica C

A faithful reproduction of the new original illustration of Sailor Moon with a long cape drawn for this exhibition! They’re printed using 10 color inks to duplicate the original picture as closely as possible.
Frame size: H558 x W443mm
Print size: H380 x W252mm
Price: ¥39,600 yen plus shipping
Anyone can pre-order HERE (A Proxy is needed)
Pretty Guardians Fan Club members can buy directly HERE

Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Goods

A few of the new Sailor Moon Store exclusive 30th Anniversary goods will be available at the Sailor Moon Museum starting next November 2nd, 2022. Here are some of the items that can be purchased:

 Acrylic Stands (10 different designs) (blind packaged)

These acrylic stands are about 13 cm tall (after assembly) and a transparent.
Price: 1,320 yen each

✦ A2 clear posters (2 different designs)

A2 size clear posters (42 x 59.4 cm / 16.5 x 23.4 in.) with a beautiful transparency.
Price: 990 yen each

 Set of 5 postcards (2 different sets) 

Postcard set with gold foil stamping on the frame design. There are two sets: the 5 Inner Guardians, and the 5 Outer Guardians.
Price: 1,100 yen each set

More goods still to come!

Sailor Moon Museum Cafe

There will be a sit down cafe menu and a take out menu.
Click the images to see them larger.

Dine In Menu

*New menu additions available from November 12th, 2022.

In addition to the new cafe items, there will be a new Sailor Moon Museum original coaster for dine-in customers who order any of the drinks.

Take Out Menu

Collaboration with The Alley Menu

New Take-Out additions available from November 12th, 2022. These two new drinks will have a cute Sailor Moon straw tag attached.

* The information provided is subject to change.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

Cafe Source: Sailor Moon Official

Official Museum Pics

Official museum fly-through video from the Sailor Moon museum twitter account.

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