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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special on NHK World


The Official Sailor Moon Site announced a TV special would be broadcast on NHK WORLD this December 14th, 2022 worldwide. The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special is a 28-minute show that digs into the secret of why the series continues to grab the hearts of fans all over the world.

The official show description reads:

“Sailor Moon has enchanted fans worldwide for decades and continues to reach new viewers 30 years since its debut. In this behind-the-scenes special, we interview the people involved in the creative process for the legendary manga and anime. Watch and learn the secrets of why “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” has been able to capture the hearts of female fans across the globe.”

NHK WORLD – Worldwide air date:
Tuesday, December 13 18:30/ 23:30

NHK Site access: HERE

Show Preview

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This show doesn’t give much new information to hardcore fans, but it offers a crash course into the beginnings of the manga and anime. The narrator gives a brief introduction of the story of the manga and takes us back to Naoko’s beginnings.

Fumio Osano (Osabu) is prominently featured throughout this documentary, first shown signing a bunch of autographs for fans at the Sailor Moon Museum. They explain his involvement with the creation of the series and how it came to be Nakayoshi’s most prominent manga.

We surprisingly hear directly from Kazuko Tadano (Sailor Moon Character designer) talking about her experiences with the 90s anime and how she had to streamline the manga design to make them suitable for animation. She explains how her work mostly focused on shonen anime at the time so she was able to let her feminine personality show though her designs for Sailor Moon.

We also get an interview with Kotono Mitsuishi. Even though she’s a very recognized voice actress now, as we all know, she got her start voicing Usagi. She shows her copy of the first episode script and a character sheet with Usagi’s base designs from when the animation hadn’t been completed yet so she had to base Usagi’s personality based only on preliminary artwork. She also mentions how everyone around her had already been in the industry and was nervous as the only newcomer, so she would have to dial her emotions up 200% to match Usagi’s energy. She also mentions how at the end of the first arc, all the Guardians die, and that some some kids were so shocked they couldn’t even eat. There was even a moment where Kotono herself remembers this episode and had to hold back her tears.

Later on they visit the home of a Japanese fan who has a large Sailor Moon collection and she excitedly shows her beloved items while explaining what the series means to her. She even showed pictures of her wedding in which she rented the Sailor Moon Wedding dress from the Arc-en-Ciel / MariaRosa bridal collection.

There is also a bit of talk about the Sailor Moon Store. The store manager is actually half Brazilian, and as a fan, made her dream come true by working at the SM Store.

Next, they talk about the Sailor Moon Eternal movie and we also got a tiny look behind the scenes at the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie scheduled to release early Summer 2023.

It was very interesting to hear Osabu mention how the first English translation of “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” changed to “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” because after the course of 5 arcs, they realized that as the girls grew and fought their enemies with an understanding approach, they decided to steer away from the fighting soldier image to a softer protector image.

The director of the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie Tomoya Takahashi explains his take on the themes explored. He also shows some background artwork from the new movie. He was greatly inspired by the the aesthetic and colors used in the 90s anime and pays homage in Sailor Moon Cosmos.

The conclusion of this mini-documentary focuses on fans still enjoying the message behind the series, and what it has meant to them throughout the years.

Finally Naoko answers the question “What does it feel like to have created something that continues to be so loved worldwide?”

All Japanese manga feature the hope of life, dreams, movement and strong messages. Manga is already great entertainment, so naturally it continues to reach people regardless of generation or country.

And my story is about teenage girls living vigorously while fighting off evil. I’ve always believed anyone would find this series entertaining. I drew with the confidence that everyone would enjoy what I made, so it’s critical success is not surprising.

We may speak different languages, but I believe we share so many ideas and so much passion.

Source: Sailor Moon Official
Recap written by Cyn

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