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The official Sailor Moon fan club “Pretty Guardians” has begun accepting new and continuing memberships for 2023! 

The official Sailor Moon Fan Club that started in 2016 is now continuing for its 8th year!
If you want to know all about the Fan Club, read our informational post here.

This year’s new and continuing enrollment will include:

Membership Certificate(Card)
If you are a continuing member, the card will be renewed with the same number.

Membership Bonus(Gift)
Eternal Tiare Pin Brooch

Continuing Members Only:
Reprints of 2 gift items from the Nakayoshi magazine in the 90s.
Sailor Moon Stars Sticker Set
Tokimeki Sailor Moon Stars Bag
(New members this year will not get these)

The product images shown are subject to change. 


If you’re a Prism or Crystal Stars Membership you will receive a pin badge and a bonus item!

Prism Stars Membership: Member for at least 3 years regardless of entry date
Crystal Stars Membership: Member for at least 5 years regardless of entry date

Members of the Japanese Fan club (not available for Overseas) who complete the enrollment/renewal by April 27th and submit their form before midnight will be entered into a lottery where they can win an original lunch tote bag.

In addition to these items, there could be more benefits to being a member of Pretty Guardian such as advance ticket lottery sales for Sailor Moon events, special projects, and exclusive goods. Read more about this here on our informational blog post about Pretty Guardians.

Prices and Where to Join

Enrollment period:
April 2nd 2023 – Oct 31st 2023
(extended from June 30th 2023)

2023 Annual membership fee:
6,050 yen / Approx $76 USD total with shipping
Payment is required upfront for the year.

Membership applications for Japan Residents: Click here

Membership applications for Residents outside of Japan: Click here

Click to watch a walkthrough

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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