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Primitive x Sailor Moon 2nd Launch

We got word Primitive is dropping another Sailor Moon collection this month of Jan 2022!

Per the agreement, Zumiez is selling 3 of the pieces early, until Primitive officially launches the collection later this month.

1/6/22 Update: Primitive posted the above image on their socials and announced their full collection would drop on 1/8/22 at 11am PST

Our SMFN team members got the exclusive scoop and in store photos!

Women’s Primitive Sailor Guardians Black Tee: $35.95 Zumiez ONLINE NOW!

Women’s Primitive Sailor Moon White Tee: $35.95 Zumiez ONLINE NOW!

Women’s Primitive Super Sailor Moon Grey Hoodie: $79.95 Zumiez ONLINE NOW!

This site will make another post when these are officially available online!
2/6/22 Update: Some are online now and linked above.

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