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Sailor Moon Cosmos: Keyword Rally on Nishitetsu Trains in Fukuoka

Celebrating the release of Sailor Moon Cosmos, there will be a keyword rally held on the Nishitetsu trains in Fukuoka, Japan.

Participants will need to fill out the application form (shown below), and then collect certain keywords at the following train stations on the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line in Fukuoka.

Participating Stations
Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station
Ohashi Station
Futsukaichi Station
Kurume Station
Omuta Station

Once you have collected the keywords, you can enter to win original goods and movie posters!

● Event Dates:
April 29th – July 30th, 2023

A prize (5 people): Official Movie Poster (not for sale)
B prize (20 people): Original Movie Sticker (not for sale)
C prize (20 people): Original Movie Multi Case (not for sale)

How to Apply:
1. Go around the 5 keyword locations and collect keywords!
2. Access the following URL and fill in the application form before applying.
Application URL➤

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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