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Sailor Moon Cosmos: Official Netflix release!

Sailor Moon Cosmos is officially coming to Netflix!

Almost exactly a year after the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie pt. 1 was released in theaters in Japan, we finally got the news Moonies have been waiting for: The Sailor Moon Cosmos movies will be soon be available to international fans exclusively on Netflix!

Just as the Sailor Moon Eternal movies pt. 1 and pt. 2, the poster marks this movie as a “Netflix film”, meaning they will not be available on any other streaming services. This unfortunately also means that we most likely will not get a physical release of the movies (unless they release them later on).

At this time there aren’t any other details yet as Netflix only tweeted the release date of August 22, 2024, but we can assume they will have part 1 and part 2 as separate films, just as they did with Sailor Moon Eternal.

The good news is that Netflix does the franchise a great service by sticking strictly to the original script, and hiring the dub casts we already know and love. Each country has their own iconic voice actors that have interpreted Sailor Guardians in previous releases, so they try to bring them back to keep consistency and familiarity.

Having said that, the official cast for the Netflix Sailor Moon Cosmos dub HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED YET, but for Sailor Moon Eternal they made sure to find the legendary actresses who have brought Usagi to life in different languages, so we hope that the same icons return for the final installment. Here are some of the voice actresses:

International cast of voice actresses who interpreted Usagi/Sailor Moon for Sailor Moon Eternal.

The official Sailor Moon website has also published the announcement using this image. We will update this page as more information becomes available, so don’t forget to bookmark and check back often!

Release Details

  Netflix Release date: August 22, 2024.
 Countries: TBA
 Languages: TBA

Source: Netflix X page and Sailor Moon Official

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