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Sailor Moon Cosmos: Theme Song Collection CD bonuses

Two months ago the Theme Song Collection for Sailor Moon Cosmos was announced on our post here. Today we can finally reveal the bonus goods available from retailers!

Product Details

The Sailor Moon Cosmos movies Part 1 ( releasing June 9) and Part 2 ( releasing June 30). “Moonlight Legend” by Eternal Sailor 5 Guardians, “Sailor Star Song” by Sailor Kakyuu and Sailor Starlights, as well as a new song “Happy Marriage Song”. Akiko Kosaka, who has written and composed many songs in the Sailor Moon series is in charge of the arrangement.

Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie Theme Song Collection
Release date: June 30, 2023
Price: 3,000 yen
Product number: KIZC-711~2

Track List:
1. ” Moon Flower”

Daoko (theme song of the movie “Sailor Moon Cosmos”)
Lyrics: Daoko・Sei Nagai Composition: Nagai Seiichi

2. ” Moonlight Legend”
Lyrics: Kanako Oda, Music: Tetsuya Komoro, Arrangement: Moon Eclipse Conference
Song: Eternal Sailor Moon (CV. Kotono Mitsuishi), Eternal Sailor Mercury (CV. Hisako Kanemoto), Eternal Sailor Mars (CV. Rina Sato), Eternal Sailor Jupiter (CV. Ami Koshimizu), Eternal Sailor Venus (CV. Shizuka Ito)

3. ” Sailor Star Song”
Lyrics: Naoko Takeuchi, Music: Masaki Araki, Arrangement: Moon Eclipse Conference
Song: Sailor Kakyuu (CV. Nana Mizuki), Sailor Star Fighter (CV. Marina Inoue, Sailor Star Maker (CV. Saori Hayami), Sailor Star Healer (CV. Ayane Sakura)

4. ” To the shooting star”
Three Lights / Seiya Kou (CV. Marina Inoue), Taiki Kou (CV. Saori Hayami), Yaten Kou (CV. Ayane Sakura)
Lyrics: Naoko Takeuchi Composition: Kisaburo Suzuki

5. ” Happy Marriage Song”
Lyrics and music: Akiko Kosaka, arrangement: lunar eclipse conference
Song: Tsukino Usagi (CV. Kotono Mitsuishi), Mamoru Chiba (CV. Kenji Nojima), ChibiUsa (CV. Fukuen Misato), Ami Mizuno (CV. Hisako Kanemoto), Rei Hino (CV. Rina Sato), Makoto Kino (CV. Ami Koshimizu), Minako Aino (CV. Shizuka Ito), Haruka Tenno (CV. Junko Minagawa), Michiru Kaio (CV. Sayaka Ohara), Setsuna Meiou (CV. Ai Maeda), Hotaru Tomoe (CV. Yukiyo Fujii)

“Moonflower” music video. You can see a teaser video here!

Products with benefits by store:

Pretty Guardians FC – Limited Edition: acrylic figure set (Eternal Sailor Moon + Sailor Star Lights) Price: 6300 yen
KING e-Shop / Sailor Moon Store – Limited Edition: acrylic figure set (Princess Kakyuu + Three Lights) Price: 6300 yen
Pretty Guardians: Main movie visuals design clear file
KING e-shop: Three Lights design clear file
Sailor Moon store: Eternal Sailor Moon design clear file
HMV: Princess Kakyuu design clear file
Animate: Sailor Star Fighter design clear file Sailor sStar Maker design clear file
Neo Wing: Sailor Star Healer design clear file
Tower Records: Seiya Kou clear file
Seven Net: Taiki Kou clear file
Rakuten Books: Yaten Kou clear file

For links where to buy these see our original post here.

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