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Sailor Moon Cosmos: Theme Song Collection

Product Details

On June 30, 2023, the official “Theme Song Collection” for the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie will be released! It contains a total of 5 songs, including the new theme song for Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie (part 1) “Tsuki no Hana” that is being released in on June 9, 2023. It will also include a Blu-ray with a music video on it.

For the physical CD Release, certain shops in Japan are including pre-order bonus goods. Below is a list of the shops that will offer pre-order bonus items.

Pretty Guardians Fan Club: Acrylic Figure Set (Eternal Sailor Moon + Sailor Starlights)
Sailor Moon store and KING e-Shop: Acrylic Figure Set (Princess Kakyuu + Three Lights)
Pretty Guardians Fan Club, Animate, Rakuten Books, KING e-shop,, Tower Records, Seven Net, Neowing(CDJ), HMV, Sailor Moon Store: Character A4 Clear File

Each shop will offer different characters on the clear flies, here’s a breakdown.

Pretty Guardians: (Jacket pattern)
KING e-shop: (Three Lights group pattern)
Sailor Moon store: (Eternal Sailor Moon pattern)
HMV: (Princess Kakyuu pattern)
Animate: (Sailor Star Fighter Pattern) (Sailor Star Maker Pattern)
Neo Wing/CD Japan: (Sailor Star Healer Pattern)
Tower Records: (Seiya Kou Pattern)
Seven Net: (Taiki Kou Pattern)
Rakuten Books: (Yaten Kou Pattern)

Release Date: June 30th, 2023
Product number: KIZC-711-2
Regular version: 3,000 yen
Pretty Guardians (fan club) Limited Edition: 6,300 yen
KING e-Shop/Sailor Moon store Limited Edition (Limited Quantity): 6,300 yen

[CD] 1. “Tsuki no Hana” / Daoko ( “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” theme song)
2. Moonlight Legend, listen to the teaser here!
3. Sailor Star Song, listen to the teaser here!
4. To a Shooting Star
5. Happy Marriage Song

[Blu-ray] “Tsuki no Hana” music video, see a teaser here!

Shopping Guide

Ships Internationally from Japan

*CDJ version comes with A4 size Sailor Star Healer Clear file


Amazon Japan: BUY HERE

Pretty Guardians Members Only(Overseas Regular version): BUY HERE
Pretty Guardians Members Only(Limited Edition version, comes with Acrylic Figure set + A4 clearfile):

5/2023 Update: We now have images of the bonus items on our latest post here.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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