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Sailor Moon Cosmos x Morinaga Collaboration

Sailor Moon Cosmos Cookies

The Sailor Moon Cosmos x Morinaga Cookies Series will be released for a limited time in Japan starting in late August 2023. They will be sold at supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores nationwide in Japan.

You can also buy these in other countries, including the USA! See our shopping guide at the bottom of this post.

There are a total of 12 cookie boxes/packs that are released and the breakdown consists of;

– 8 x boxes of crunchy cookies
– 2 x mini bags with 6 individual mini cookie packs inside
– 2 x boxed soft sandwich cookies

Individual Images

Check out the Sailor Moon Cosmos x Morinaga Cookie Collaboration special site HERE

Shopping Guide

Available in Japan shops beginning in late summer 2023.

If you’re outside of Japan – Don’t forget to check your local asian markets.
In the fall of 2023, they started showing up at asian markets in the USA.

Online Shops that ship Internationally

Big In Japan
Complete set: BUY HERE

Black Moon Sandwich Cookies on YamiBuy

Bussin Snacks
Mercury Cookies on Bussin Snacks
Mars Cookies on Bussin Snacks
Venus Cookies on Bussin Snacks
Uranus/Neptune Cookies on Bussin Snacks
Black Moon Regular Cookies on Bussin Snacks

Rosey’s Kawaii Shop
Sailor Chibi Moon Cookies on Rosey’s Kawaii Shop

USA Asian Market Sightings & Dates

Mercury box spotted at an H Mart in Atlanta, GA. (Nov 2023)
Venus box has been spotted at Ebisu in Duluth, GA (Jan 2024)
Moon box spotted at Thai Binh Supermarket in Wichita, KS (Jan 2024)
Mars box spotted at Sunrise Mart in NYC (Feb 2024)
Uranus/Neptune box has been spotted at Tesolife in Atlanta, GA (March 2024)

Want to report a sighting? Direct message Ochibawolf on Instagram.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

Note: While Keiko Kitagawa is the current spokesperson for the Morinaga Cookies and this ad is not specifically tied to the Sailor Moon Collaboration, its still interesting to see this ad bringing both together.

Japan Only info
※ Not available at all stores in Japan.
※ The “Moonlight tailored chocolate chip cookies” will be released in early October in Japan. The 2 items of the “Petit Pack” will be released in mid-September, and 2 items of “Garrett Sand” will be released for a limited time in mid-October.

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