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Sailor Moon Eternal: Shachihata Name 9 Seal Stamps

It is a postcard order type name stamp designed by the Sailor Moon Eternal in collaboration with the stamp maker “Shachihata Inc.” . In this second collaboration, the seal has been re-designed, and the popular Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion have been added to the lineup. Also included are Elios, human Luna, human Artemis, human Diana, and the Amazon Trio. The highly requested Legendary Silver Crystal and Pegasus have been also been designed and have been included in the line.

When ordering, you can select one stamp design and enter your favorite characters (up to 3 characters).
There are two main body colors: Yellow and Blue. You can choose from 2 types of body colors and 6 types of stamps.

Stamp Design Lineup

– Yellow –
Princess Serenity
Legendary Silver Crystal
Luna (human)
Artemis (human)
Diana (human)

– Blue –
Prince Endymion
Fish Eye
Tigers Eye
Hawks Eye

These stamp are typically used with Japanese surnames as a signature on documents, but it can be used and enjoyed in notebooks, letters, calendars or however you like. It’s a portable stamp with built-in ink pad that does not require ink mat, so it is convenient to carry. The stamp surface uses a special rubber with extended durability, so it can be used for a long time and you only have to replenish the ink once it dries up.

How to Order
In order to purchase these stamps, you have to live in Japan. After you order and receive the item in the mail, cut out the special postcard enclosed in the package, fill in the necessary forms, and post it to the mailbox. After the postcard arrives and the order is received, the stamp will be delivered in about 8 days.

Reservations will be accepted on the official Bandai shopping site “Premium Bandai” starting November 12, 2021 and shipping is scheduled for late February 2022.

Product Details

 Release date: Late February, 2021

 Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

Source: Sailor Moon Official

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase these items, you have to live in Japan. If you don’t live in Japan and want to get any of these, you’ll most likely need a proxy to buy or bid on. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market.

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