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When the Nakayoshi magazine reached 2 million sold copies they gave away the “New Semester Tumbler”, which was limited to only 100 in the world and gifted by a lottery to their readers. A new re-issue of it will be sold exclusively through the Sailor Moon fan Club as part of the Nakayoshi reprint series.

The vacuum sealed, double-structured, stainless steel tumbler can hold smaller cups inside, or have the hot drink poured directly inside.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” official fan club “Pretty Guardians” accepts new members every year. See if they’re accepting members now through our guide here.

Price: ¥3,700 yen for both Japanese and Overseas
Release Date (Japan): August 5, 2022
Overseas Fan Club: Yes! Added for preorder on Aug 5th 2022.
Reservation period: Friday, August 5, 2022 5:00 PM ~ 
*Ends as soon as there are no more products

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase these products you have to live in Japan and be an active member of the Japanese Pretty Guardians Fan Club or the Overseas Fan Club. If you aren’t, you’ll most likely need a proxy to order from the fan club. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market.

Overseas Fan Club Order Link
Must be a current fan club member to view.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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