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Sailor Moon Emblem Sweatshirt will be available soon! The items of the sailor guardians are designed as embroidered patches and treated on the chest of the sweatshirt. The lineup consists of 6 types: “Sailor Moon,” “Sailor Mercury,” “Sailor Mars,” “Sailor Jupiter,” “Sailor Venus,” and “Chibiusa.”

Product Details

The “Sailor Moon” model is a white sweatshirt with a cutie moon rod embroidered patch on the left chest. The design is one size larger than other patches!

The “Sailor Mercury”, “Sailor Mars”, “Sailor Jupiter”, and “Sailor Venus” models have an embroidered patch designed with a star power stick on the left chest and sweatshirt colors that match each guardian.

The “Chibiusa” model is a pink sweatshirt and has a space-time key and a Luna-P ball patch design, giving it a slightly different impression from other patch sweatshirts. 

Sizes: S and M

Orders will start this January 20, 2022 on Premium Bandai. It is scheduled to be delivered in March 2022. It will be available later on at the Sailor Moon stores and some general stores. Price: 7,095 yen each

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase this product you have to live in Japan to order online. If you don’t live in Japan and want to order, you’ll most likely need a proxy to order from the website. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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