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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary project!

The official Sailor Moon website has finally revealed the long awaited 30th Anniversary logo, which will be placed as labels on all upcoming merchandise releases as well as other events. Along with this new image, there has been a series of announcements for the future of the franchise, including new collaborations, a new SM exhibition, amongst other amazing updates. As of now, we only have limited information on each one of these announcements, but we are listing the highlights below. Keep in mind there may be more collaborations announced later on, as well as more detailed information at a future date so keep checking this website.

Here is a video from the official You tube channel with a quick break down of their 2022 plans. The video is all in Japanese but we have a breakdown of all the announcements below.

New logo and new Social media handles.

As shown above, the new logo for the anniversary uses a 2002 illustration of Eternal Sailor Moon! It’s super colorful and will definitely mark this new era of exciting things to come. The official Sailor Moon Twitter accounts have been updated as well. You can now find them on Twitter as @sailormoon30_ as well as on Instagram as @sailormoon30_

✦ New limited time Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Exhibit.

There will be a 30th Anniversary limited time exhibit this year that will trace the 30-year history of the series, and include some original works from the manga, anime, musicals, and other goods! Follow @sailormoon_ex on Twitter for more details later on!

New Uniqlo UT collaboration.

A collaboration between the movie “Sailor Moon Eternal” and UNIQLO UT has been announced! There are no further details, so keep checking back for updates.

Sailor Moon Eternal Premium Frame Stamp Set.

A new special frame mail stamp set is coming out later this year. The “Eternal Sailor Moon” illustrations for this set have been drawn by Kazuko Tadano, who was in charge of character design in the movies. More information will be revealed later on.

Sailor Moon Eternal x Japanese traditional craft items by PREMICO.

Japanese crafts company PREMICO which produces goods made by craftsmen with high quality and old artisan techniques will also have a collab with Sailor Moon. PREMICO has produced a few Sailor Moon products in collaboration with traditional Japanese crafters from Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai, Hokuriku, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Their new collaboration items from the Sailor Moon Eternal movie will be revealed at a later time.

Sailor Moon Eternal x Wicca special collaboration watch.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon, a new collaboration featuring Citizen’s popular watch brand “Wicca” and Sailor Moon Eternal will debut later this year.

Details will be announced later on this site and the PREMICO online shop!

Milcrea x Sailor Moon giveaway campaign.

Starting at the end of February 2022, a there will be a Milcrea chocolates x Sailor Moon giveaway campaign. Two new original package designs (limited quantities) with Sailor Moon artwork of Inner and the Outer Guardians will be featured. There will also be a giveaway campaign to win original design goods by lottery from among the applicants.

A prize: (3 people): Original design oversized cushion 
B prize: (300 people): Original design soup bottle 
C prize: (697 people): Original design QUO card 500 yen 
Single prize: (100 people) Manicure set of 5 color polishes.

Sanrio Characters x Sailor Moon Collaboration.

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon, a collaboration project between popular Sanrio characters and Sailor Moon Eternal is in the developing stages! In addition to cute merchandise releases in the summer of 2022, there are more plans for a fun related project to liven up the 30th anniversary. 
The Sanrio designers have drawn illustrations that reflect the “dreams” and “hope” themes that all Sailor Moon fans will appreciate.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon and the Inner Guardians have interesting pairings with Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, Maron Cream, and Pompompurin all wearing cute matching costumes. More updates and information to come.

Sailor Moon Eternal commemorative special VR movie “VR DREAM FLIGHT”

VIVEPORT and VIVEPORT Infinity will release a Sailor Moon Eternal commemorative special VR video called “VR DREAM FLIGHT” starting this January 18, 2022. The premium VR experience with all VIVE products features the ultra-lightweight and compact VR glass VIVE Flow. 
* VIVE PORT is an app where you can enjoy virtual reality content and experiences.

You can experience various scenes, including the scene where Pegasus and Chibiusa run around the city and enjoy a fantastic night view, with a magic floaty feeling unique to VR. There’s also a transformation scene of Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon!

  • January 18, 2022 – VIVEPORT Infinity early access begins.
    ( An active subscription to VIVEPORT Infinity (charged) is required to watch )
  • April 19, 2022 – August 29, 2022 – VIVEPORT free general access period.
    (Supported languages: Japanese / English / Chinese (Simplified)
  • Early access to VIVEPORT Infinity for 3 months from the start of distribution (* VIVEPORT Infinity is a subscription service.) Free access to VIVEPORT 3 months after release. 
  • Anyone can download the app for free.
  • As of now, this seems to be Accesible to anyone wold wide, which mean we will all get to see this, but it is not confirmed yet, so we will keep you updated.

VIVEPORT is a global platform for VR subscription services and app stores in more than 70 countries. With over 1,000 VR apps and games available to users, content creators can distribute and monetize their content in a variety of ways. It is compatible with various VR headsets such as PC, standalone and mobile devices. VIVEPORT Infinity was launched in 2019 as the world’s first unlimited VR subscription service. 

Official site:

Sailor Moon x Samantha Thavasa

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary, there will be a new collaboration between Sailor Moon and the Samantha Thavasa Group of brands. “Samantha Vega”, “Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice”, “Samantha Tiara” and “Samantha Thavasa UNDER25 & No.7” will all have merch releases soon. More information to come.

Sailor Moon x Anna Sui

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary, there will also be a new collaboration between Sailor Moon and Anna Sui. The characters of the anime and planetary symbols are combined with Anna Sui’s iconic butterflies and roses into the delicate designs. This collab is scheduled to be rolled out in February 2022 at Premium Bandai, ANNA SUI Online, and some general stores in Japan.

Sailor Moon Eternal x Maison de Fleur

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary, there will be a new collaboration between Sailor Moon Etenral and Madison de FLEUR, which produces cute accessories such as pouches and tote bags. This collaboration is scheduled to be launched in February 2022.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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