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Sailor Moon x Colourpop 2023 Collection Now Available

Colourpop is back with their second Sailor Moon collaboration in 2023. You can buy individual items, certain bundles, or the entire collection. With this release, they also updated images of their original (OG) collection in 2020, which is still available. (They even stated the OG is their LONGEST running collab!) They created new bundles & sets paired with the new and OG collections. Available on ColourPop’s site & Ulta.

Launch Dates & Times: 9/28/2023 at 10 am PST on ColourPop – 10/1/2023 on Ulta


Sailor Guardian x ColourPop Full Collection

Complete 10-piece collection

✦ Price: $99

Buy on ColourPop
Buy on Ulta

For Love & Justice Pressed Powder Palette

12 cool-toned celestial shades inspired by five iconic Sailor Guardians!

✦ Price: $22 Buy on Colourpop

✦ Celestial Powers + Heroines Ultra Lip Duos (2 sets)✦

New & improved Ultra Blotted Lip and Ultra Glossy Lip that are ultra lightweight + ultra lip-loving with ultra performance.

✦ Price: $18 each set / $40 for bundle

– Heroines: Buy on Colourpop
– Celestial Powers: Buy on Colourpop
– Kawaii Lips Bundle: Buy on Colourpop
– Heroines: Buy on Ulta
– Celestial Powers: Buy on Ulta

✦BFF Crème Gel Liner (2) 

Creamy gel eye liner that’s super pigmented for looks that last.

✦ Price: $9 each / $16 bundle for both

– Azabu Juban: Buy on Colourpop
– Crystal Tokyo: Buy on Colourpop
– Tokyo Love Bundle: Buy on Colourpop
– Azabu Juban: Buy on Ulta
– Crystal Tokyo: Buy on Ulta

✦ Pressed Powder Highlighter (2)✦

Get a radiant moonlight glow with silky, duo chrome shades of opal pink + pinky violet inspired by Luna and Artemis.

✦ Price: $14 each / $26 for bundle of both

– Moon Kingdom: Buy on Colourpop
– Moonlight: Buy on Colourpop
– Moonlight Glow Bundle: Buy on Colourpop
– Moon Kingdom: Buy on Ulta
– Moonlight: Buy on Ulta

✦ So Dewy Face + Eye Gloss

Duo chrome face gloss that shifts from a dreamy purple to a cosmic green.

✦ Price: $12

Buy on Colourpop
Buy on Ulta


Champion of Justice $32 Includes the new Shadow palette and the So Dewy Face Gloss: Buy on Colourpop
Sailor Dreams $199 Includes both complete Sailor Moon collections! The OG 2020 collection & the new 2023 collection:  Buy on Colourpop
✦ Moonlight Kiss $68 OG & New Ultra Lip Duos: Buy on Colourpop
✦ Prettiest in the Cosmos $40 OG & New Shadow palettes: Buy on Colourpop


Sailor Moon x ColourPop Full OG Collection

Complete 7-piece collection

✦ Price: $94 Buy on ColourPop

Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette OG

12 pretty pastels in matte, metallic, foiled, and Super Shock finishes create the sweet looks.

✦ Price: $22 Buy on ColourPop

Glitter Gel OG (2)

This long wearing glitter packed gel paste provides ultra intense sparkle.

✦ Price: $10 each

– Moonlight Legend: Buy on ColourPop
– Moon Prism Power: Buy on ColourPop

Pressed Powder Blush OG (2)

Brighten your complexion with the perfect natural flush of colour in a soft and buildable powder blush.

✦ Price: $14 each

– From the Moon: Buy on ColourPop
– Cat’s Eye: Buy on ColourPop

OG Ultra Lip Duos (2 sets)✦

Blotted + gloss.

✦ Price: $16 each

– Moonlight: Buy on ColourPop
– Daylight: Buy on ColourPop

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Source: Colourpop Cosmetics Official website

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