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Sailor Moon x Kai’s Beauty Tools

“Push-up curler”, “Hot eyelash curler” and “Nail clipper S” in collaboration with Kai’s “Beauty Tool” will be on sale with limited quantities!
Starting March 1, 2022, sales will begin at Kai’s official online stores, drug stores, home improvement stores, and major mass retailers nationwide in Japan.
* The store is scheduled to be available from the end of March, and the arrival date may change depending on the store.

Product Details

Push-up curler (Sailor Moon / Sailor Chibi Moon / Sailor Mercury / Sailor Mars / Sailor Jupiter / Sailor Venus) 715 yen each
An eyelash curler that is compact and convenient to carry. Each eyelash curler comes with an image of Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, or Sailor Venus! The “pad for pushing up the eyelids (* patented)” using soft resin allows even heavy eyelids and double eyelids to curl the eyelashes from the root. 

● Hot eyelash curler (Sailor Moon / Sailor Chibi Moon) 2,750 yen each
An eyelash curler that lifts your lashes and gives your eyes a perfect fit. After applying mascara, press the heat panel against the base of the eyelashes to keep the natural curl. Each hot eyelash curler will come with Sailor Moon or Sailor Chibi Moon’s image!

● Nail clipper S (guardian star mark) 660 yen
This is a stainless steel nail clipper in a S size (small) that makes it easy to cut small female nails. It has a nail file included, that can be adjusted to a smooth finish, and it also comes with a stopper case that prevents the cut nails from scattering. The lever is decorated with the guardian star mark of six sailor guardians.

Available to purchase at the Kai’s Online Shop in Japan starting March 1st, 2022!

Source: Sailor Moon Official

Shopping Guide

Hot Lash Curler

Moon: Amazon JP
Chibi Moon: Amazon JP

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