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The Fabulous Shop: Legendary Silver Crystal Perfume

Product Details

Another perfume in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series is to be released by the Hong Kong brand, The Fabulous Shop!

The Legendary Silver Crystal bottle will come in an elegant display box resembling the Moon Castle.

Perfume recipe is fresh and elegant with top notes of bergamot, sea breeze and a blend of delicate tone of mimosa, iris, rose, magnolia, lily of the valley and violet, bottom Yun and then slowly revealed musk, amber, cypress, vetiver, guaiac wood and vanilla.


Release Date: December 2021 (preorders begin now)

Price: 699 HKD (About $90 US dollars)

Box: 110(W) x 155(H) x 110(D)mm
Perfume Bottle: 76(W) x 74(H) x 86(D) mm
Capacity: 1.69 FL.OZ 50ml

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase these items, you have to live in Hong Kong. If you don’t live in HK and want to get this, you’ll most likely need a proxy who can order from HK.

Keep in mind this is a perfume and liquids are not permitted to ship overseas via most shipping services. Most proxies will need to open the product up and dump the perfume out before shipping.

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