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Akko: Sailor Moon Crystal 5108S RGB Keyboard

Sailor Moon Crystal 5108S

Akko was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016 with the concept of “lifestyle gaming peripherals”, emphasizing design and building an innovative peripheral brand. “Diversifying the industry” is what motivates Akko founders, who have engaged in the computer peripheral equipment industry and the gaming industry for years with new ideas to “make peripheral more than just a tool” by embodying pop-cultural imagery, color trends, interests, attitudes and cultural elements.

From: Akko Gear Our Story

Akko is back with an updated model of their super popular Sailor Moon keyboard!

They upgraded the model from 3108 to 5108S with the following major changes:
1) Comes with RGB Backlit Now! The RGB Backlit and Macro of Akko 5108S can be programmed with Akko Wired Manager;
2) Comes with built-in plate foam to reduce noise pings;
3) Comes with Akko CS Jelly pink switches;
4) 5 series is more compact than the conventional 3108.

Akko Keyboard USD $115.99 BUY HERE

Matching Mouse Pad (Large): BUY HERE
Matching Wrist Rest: BUY HERE

SMFN team member Ochi made a review video if you’d like to see the lighting effects of this keyboard.

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