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CHOCOOLATE x Sailor Moon Feb 2022 Collection

CHOCOOLATE x Sailor Moon

Hong Kong brand CHOCOOLATE is collaborating with Sailor Moon again!

They are no strangers when it comes to our Pretty Guardian. They have launched many Sailor Moon collections in the past and are bringing us a new collection 1st quarter 2022.

On Feb 6th 2022, they released images on their Instagram with some of the upcoming products.

CHOCOOLATE HK does not ship worldwide, so you’ll most likely need a Proxy in the HK area to order. We will update this post once the items are released and if that changes.

Release date: Feb 11th 2022
Country: Hong Kong (Prices are in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)

The Collection

Printed Denim Jacket: $1,099 HKD
2 types

Printed pattern TEE $359 HKD
(Only available on ITeSHOP)
3 types

Printed hoodie $659 HKD
3 types

Sailor Shape Top $599 HKD
2 types

Sailor Pleated Skirt $559 HKD
(Only available at ITeSHOP)
2 types

Necklace and earring accessories set $499 HKD

Printed Hawaiian Shirt $659 HKD

Printed pattern TEE $299 HKD

Printed Crewneck Sweatshirt $599 HKD

Photoprint Cold Shirt $699

Tea set $399 HKD with a purchase of $1,000 HKD or more
(excluding non-:CHOCOOLATE branded products)

Get a free Cosmic Heart Power bank gift with any purchase of two or more designated: CHOCOOLATE items with a price of $1,500 HKD or more (must include one: CHOCOOLATE| Sailor Moon 2022 combo series).

*From March 1st, you can redeem the receipt at the store where you purchased it, subject to the terms and conditions. Please check with the store staff for details.

To buy these items you have to use a proxy in the Hong Kong or Taiwan area. See our list of trusted proxies here.

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