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Sailor Moon Store: Eternal Sailor Neptune Birthday Acrylic Stand

Product Details

The Sailor Moon Store continues the series of commemorative acrylic stands, being released according to the birth month of each of the 10 Sailor Guardians! Up next is Eternal Sailor Neptune, who was born on March 6th. She will be the 6th one released so far!

You can remove the parts from the acrylic board and decorate it as an acrylic diorama!

This product will released at the Sailor Moon Store, Sailor Moon Store Online, and on the Japanese Pretty Guardians Fan Club.

Release Date: March 24th, 2022
Price: 2,200 yen each

Source: Sailor Moon Official

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase this product you have to live in Japan to order online. If you don’t live in Japan and want to order, you’ll most likely need a proxy to order from the website. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market.

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