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Sailor Moon CyberCel SERIES 1 

Series 1 is coming this summer 2024! Preorders are coming in before the images.

CyberCel are cel art cards. One foil pack includes a blind assortment of 3 CYBERCELS. Each CYBERCEL is wrapped in a loose sleeve to protect the cel art upon opening.

  • 3 CYBERCEL per foil bag
  • Each CYBERCEL can uniquely stand up by simply folding the ends together for display
  • Sized 2.5″ h and 3.5″ w folded
  • Each CYBERCEL includes a QR code with a serial number embedded

  • Releases 8/30/2024
  • Retails $5.99 a pack
  • Cases will be able to be purchased for $120 a case through CyberCel’s online shop.


Books-A-Million: BUY HERE
+ more to come

GameStop Canada: BUY HERE

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