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From the hit figure series “Fluffy Puffy”, Luna and Artemis “dress up style” will be coming October 2022. If you don’t own any of the Fluffy Puffy’s, the texture “flocked” like Funko’s, so they are nice and fuzzy!

With this release of the Fluffy Puffy’s will be Luna and Artemis will be dressed in their wedding design. Type A will be Luna, type B will be Artemis.

These will hit arcades in Japan Nationwide. Then international release will be after. We will update this post as preorders start popping up. Toreba may also get them as well, so keep an eye on that app too.

Release date: October 25th, 2022 Japan / Late 2022 for international
Price: Crane Prize in Japan / retail for $26.99 in the US
✦ Size: Measuring roughly 2 3/4-inches tall

Japan Source: Sailor Moon Official

Shopping Guide

JAPAN VERSION: These are released throughout Japan in arcade centers. If you don’t live in Japan and want to get the Japan version (gold sticker) you can use a proxy service or can buy from the Japanese second hand market. There is no difference in quality between the Japan release and International. The Japan one just comes out first, and features a Gold Toei Animation sticker.

Also, with crane prizes, sometimes apps like Toreba will have these prizes too. You control the prize machine through the app. Sometimes the international markets will get these in Round1 arcades (International version).

INTERNATIONAL VERSION: The following links are direct orders for the International version. These come out after the Japan release does, and features a silver Toei Animation sticker for authenticity.

Entertainment Earth
Type A (Luna): BUY HERE
Type B (Artemis): BUY HERE

Type A (Luna): BUY HERE
Type (Artemis) B: BUY HERE

Type A (Luna): BUY HERE
Type B (Artemis): BUY HERE

Hot Topic:
Type A (Luna): BUY HERE
Type B (Artemis: BUY HERE

Version A – Luna

Version B – Artemis

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