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Sailor Moon Series 5 Blind Bag Figural Clip

Monogram’s adorable chibi character blind bags are sold at a variety of retailers! We’ll keep a list of where you can buy series 5 here.

  • 11 characters to collect!

    Usagi Tsukino (Casual)
    Ami Mizuno (Casual)
    Rei Hino (Casual)
    Makoto Kino (Casual)
    Minako Aino (Casual)

    Exclusive A: Casual Mamoru
    Exclusive B: Queen Beryl

  • Plastic
  • Contains one per bag
  • Sold blind

Hot Topic USD $8.90: BUY HERE
BoxLunch USD $8.90: BUY HERE
Crunchyroll USD $8.99: BUY HERE
Urban Outfitters $10.00: BUY HERE

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