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Ocean Bomb: Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune

Uranus & Neptune have arrived!


Taiwan soda company YHB, who offer a range of flavored sparkling waters in Taiwan called Ocean Bomb, released Uranus & Neptune special flavor sodas! You can buy these in the USA at many asian markets or scroll down below to our shopping guide with places to order online.

SMFN broke the news of the previous ones! Here are the articles.

First Release: Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon
Second Release: Sailor Mercury & Sailor Mars
Third Release: Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Venus

Two new Sailor Moon flavors are joining the lineup!

Sailor Uranus
Pineapple Flavor
Ingredients: Carbonated water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Flavor, Citric acid

Sailor Neptune
Kiwi Flavor
Ingredients: Carbonated water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Spices, Citric acid

Retail Price in Taiwan: 840 NT for a case of 24 cans.
The previous cases for Moon & Chibi Moon/ Mercury/Mars/Jupiter/Venus, did not feature Sailor Moon artwork.

Shopping Guide

These are imported all over the world. We saw this with their Moon/Chibi Moon, Mercury/Mars, and Jupiter/Venus flavors. Lots of asian markets in the USA stock these as well as World Market, so check locally if want. Or order below.


Just Asian Food
Uranus: BUY HERE
Neptune: BUY HERE

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Source: YHB Mercury and YHB Mars

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