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A Sailor Moon Eternal x U-Treasure Collection is coming soon!
U-Treasure is a high-end jewelry brand that makes fandom jewelry for adults in Japan.
Preorders begin on Premium Bandai (Japan), U-TREASURE online shop and U-TREASURE store on April 6th, 2022.

Product Details

Line Up

Crisis Moon Compact Ring
・ Platinum (diamond included): 330,000 yen
・ 18K (yellow gold) (diamond included): 308,000 yen
・ 18K (white gold) (diamond included): 308,000 yen
・ 18K (pink gold) (Diamond included) [FC exclusive]: 308,000 yen
・ Silver (Cubic zirconia included): 16,500 yen 

Moonlight Ring Eternal ver.
・ Platinum x 18K Yellow Gold Ladies: 77,000 yen
・ Platinum x 18K Yellow Gold Men: 88,000 yen 

Moon Kaleidoscope Half Eternity Ring / Moon Kaleidoscope Ring
A ring with the design of Super Sailor Moon’s Moon Kaleidoscope. Made with platinum x 18K, platinum, 18K(yellow gold / white gold), silver, [FC exclusive] 18K (pink gold).

Moon Kaleidoscope Half Eternity Ring
・ Platinum × 18K Yellow Gold (including diamonds): 132,000 yen
・ Silver (including cubic zirconia): 22,000 yen 

Moon Kaleidoscope Ring
・ Platinum (including diamonds) Ladies: 99,000 yen
・ Platinum Men: 99,000 yen
・ 18K(Yellow gold) (Diamond included) Ladies: 88,000 yen 
・ 18K(Yellow gold) Men: 88,000 yen 
・ 18K (White gold) (Diamond included) Ladies: 88,000 yen 
・ 18K (White gold) Men: 88,000 yen
・ 18K (pink gold) (including diamond) Ladies [FC limited]: 88,000 yen
・ 18K (pink gold) Men [FC limited]: 88,000 yen
・ Silver (including zirconia) Ladies: 16,500 yen
・ Silver Men: 16,500 yen 

Crystal Carillon & Pegasus Dream Necklace
・ Platinum: 99,000 yen
・ K18 (yellow gold): 77,000 yen
・ K18 (pink gold) [FC limited]: 77,000 yen
・ Silver: 13,200 yen

The 18K (pink gold) version will be exclusive to members of the official fan club “Pretty Guardians”. Reservations for this item should be made from the fan club site. Reservations are only for a limited time.

Release Date: Fan club orders: March 25, 2022, delivered after July. General reservations: April 6, 2022, delivered after August.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

Shopping Guide

In order to purchase from Premium Bandai, you need to have a Japan address. If you don’t live in Japan and want to get any of these items, you will need a proxy to buy. Or you can buy on the Japanese second hand market.

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