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Kanro, a sweets company in Japan will be collaborating with Sailor Moon this fall!

Introducing Sailor Moon Rose & Peach Candy!

Each design is based on stained glass. There will be 55g bags and 25g bags. 

Lineup & Details

55g bags(3 types): 138 yen each
25g compact bags(4 types): 228 yen each

Release date: Oct 2021

Collector Information


Hobby Link Japan: 55g Bag (3 types) 350 yen per bag
Sold randomly. Limit is 20 pieces. BUY HERE

If this link sells out, or you want the 25g bags, you’ll most likely need a proxy to do a pickup in Japan to get these or second hand.
TIP: Check your local Asian markets. Sometimes Japanese candy is imported.

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Source: Sailor Moon Official

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