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Universal Studios Japan: Sailor Moon “The Miracle 4-D – Moon Palace Edition Deluxe”

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “the Miracle 4-D ~ Moon Palace Edition ~”, which was very popular 4D show in 2019 at Universal Studios Japan, will be re-released as a deluxe version! This time, all 10 Sailor Guardians will be in their Princess forms for a ball scene that has been added.

Outline of the event

– Dates: March 4th -August 28th, 2022.
– Location: Universal Studios Japan
2-chome, Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 554-0031 No. 1-33 
– Venue: Cinema 4-D Theater 
Attraction format: 3-D Theater show

✦ Attraction Details

Usagi, Mamoru and Chibi-Usa hold an elegant ball at the Moon Palace. You are warmly invited, but there are signs of villains in the midst. Sailor Moon has no way to attack the enemies who are after the Legendary Silver Crystal. The nine Sailor Guardians and your power are now needed to help Sailor Moon in a moment of desperation!

Universal Studios Japan Original Goods

This year, they are making new original goods with two different concepts: 
The first is “Tokimeki Kawaii”, goods that are designed with Sailor Moon and all 10 Guardian illustrations from the attraction.

The second concept is “retro cute” goods that are a throwback to more nostalgic times, using older illustrations and icons of the Sailor Guardians, as well as fashion goods designed by combining the Guardians items with gingham checks pattern prints.

Sales start: Scheduled for March 4, 2022.
Goods store: Cinema 4-D store


1. Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask Cafe Plate: 1,800 yen 
2. Sailor Chibi Moon & External Solar System 4 Warriors Drink-Apple Soda-: 650 yen
3. Sailor 5 Warrior’s Prism Color Moose: 850 yen
4. Prism Heart Compact Cake ~ Peach & Strawberry ~: 900 yen  


Universal Heart Compact: 2,900 yen 
Clear file: 600 yen 
Face towel 1,700 yen

Ribbon hair clip (10 types): 2,000 yen each 
Compact mirror: 2,800 yen 
Ballpoint pen: 2,400 yen 
Tote bag: 3,200 yen 
Interior bag: 3,600 yen 
Mini wallet: 2,800 yen 
Luna plush pen case: 2,000 yen 
See-through socks: 1,000 yen 
Mascot badge set (Luna/Cosmic Heart Compact): 1,400 yen 
Desk mat: 2,200 yen

Back ribbon T-shirt 4,200 yen
Polo shirt 4,500 yen
Stall 3,900 yen
Mini wallet 3,900 yen
Mini backpack 6,500 yen
Drawstring purse 2,300 yen
Necklace & earring set 3,600 yen
Necklace 2,800 yen
Vanity pouch 4,300 yen
Room shoes 3,300 yen
Collectable bracelet ( 10 types in total) 850 yen
Collectable bag charm key chain (10 types in total) 900 yen
Hand towel set (2 sheets) 1,900 yen
Stand mirror 4,900 yen
Print cookie 1,500 yen
Assorted sweets box 2,400 yen
Knit bische 4,500 yen Buster van
2,000 yen
Fruit cake 1,800 yen
Collectable tablet cans (10 types in total) 900 yen

Collectable pocket file & postcard set All 8 types 900 yen each
Mask with pouch 3,000 yen 
Charm watch 6,300 yen
T-shirt (black / pink) 3,900 yen
T-shirt 3,800 yen 
UV cut hoodie 5,900 yen 
Mug cup 1,700 yen 
Souvenir medallion (3 types, 200 yen each) 
Leather treaty 1,100 yen
Mini plate set (3 pieces) 3,200 yen 
Flat case set (2 cases) 1,000 yen 
Tumbler 2,400 yen 
Souvenir medallion case 1,200 yen 
Jewelry pouch with bracelet 3,400 yen 
Crystal 2,500 yen 
Face paint 2,200 yen 

Bag necklace 2,500 yen 
Plush key chain (5 types) 1,900 yen each 
Multi-smartphone pouch (2 types) 4,900 yen each 
PC case 3,200 yen 
Ticket holder 1,800 yen
Gadget case 1,800 yen 

Smartphone ring 2,300 yen 
Pouch key chain 2,000 yen 
Pins complete set 8,900 yen 
Ring set (3 pieces) 2,300 yen
Candy set (2 pieces) 2,300 yen 
Pierce set (6 pieces) 2,300 yen 
Tissue cover 2,900 yen 
Cushion 3,500 yen 
Mascot key chain 1,800 yen
Metal key chain set 2,700 yen 
Pouch 3,200 yen 
Jewelry box 8,500 yen 
Cased memo 1,400 yen 
Bucket hat 3,900 yen 
Sheer shirt 5,300 yen 

Collectable hair clips (11 types) 900 yen each
Charm set (5 pieces) 2,500 yen
Hair pin set (5 pieces) 2,600 yen
Mirror & comb set 4,800 yen 
Tote bag 5,300 yen 
Folding umbrella for both sunny and rainy weather 4,500 yen
Atomizer bottle with ribbon 5,500 yen 
Shoulder bag 4,500 yen
Socks set (2 pairs) 1,600 yen 
Earrings & ear cuff set 2,100 yen
Smartphone ring 2,300 yen 

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