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Last April 28th, the Official Sailor Moon sources made a series of announcements and and showed posters & trailers of the Sailor Moon Cosmos movies during a special 30th Anniversary online event that was held at a rather unusual time of the year. These kind of big news and collaboration announcements are normally reserved for the annual Usagi’s bithday event on June 30th.

This year no event was planned which is highly abnormal, and we were all left wondering if there would be any sort of acknowledgement of the big day.

Today, on June 30th (Japan time) fans were showered with lots of fun news and exciting upcoming collaborations, and all of these news were featured in a short video put together by SM Official.

Announcement Links

Sailor Moon Museum

Miracle Romance Special Collaboration Book

Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Musical Festival -Chronicle-

Super Sailor Moon Glitter & Glamours figures

Q-Posket Princess Mercury

Mecha Deka Luna Plush

Anaguma by Anahita Stones

Figuarts Mini Eternal Sailor Moon

Figuarts Mini Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion

SH Figuarts Sailor Chibi Moon -Animation Color Edition-

SH Figuart Eternal Sailor Moon

StyleDoll Series Princess Serenity & Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Q-Posket Princess Usagi Small Lady

Luna-P plush bag

Sailor Moon x Waon collaboration

Sailor Moon Store -petit- branch openings

Pretty Guardians Fan Club information

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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